Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Why not tell the truth

Why do people who have done things wrong want to hide from telling the truth? Why do those who support their evil deeds run from telling the truth? Are they affraid that their evil deeds will be exposed and thus have ruin names?

I have been slapped on the hands for telling the truth about our government and the policies for which they support towards the war in Iraq. The media refuses to really tell the truth because they are in bed with Bush and all the other BOOT LICKERS in and around Washington.

I was kicked out of the military for standing up and telling the truth, now; the very ones that kicked me out are scrambling to cover their tracks. They want to find out where my medalsare and what kind they can give me. I did not know their was a medalfor teling the truth! Can anyone tell me if their is one? If their is than alot of soldiers need to know about it.

Our government wants to shut down the internet, the only voice us soldiers will ever have to tell the truth. It is clear that our government( the ones that knows whats best for us) dont want these stories to get out because then their evil ways will be found out. Soldiers suffer in silence because no one will stand up and tell the truth--our government who was elected are affraid to touch sensitive subjects like our health care. If they do than they are getting away with murder if we as a BAND OF BROTHERS dont stand up and tell the truth.

We are all commrades in arms no matter what branch we served in and we should never let those boundries stand between us as we fight the truth. I may not be the most well versed in writting my thoughts with grammer but I am doing my best to share what the truth is.
Fan the flames of TRUTH my comrades!!!