Monday, December 05, 2005

Soldiers crying for help

I hear the soldiers from every war crying out for help but their cries go un heard-- they cry out to a government that sent them off to war.

Some volunteered others were drafted and more were told they were going because they had benn in trouble with the law. Still others went to war to escape an abusive life style or poverty that took every thing they ever knew.

These soldiers went out unto another life to learn an art of Arms not knowing what road it would take them down. Uncertanty was sure to get even the best of every man or woman as they traveled that road, however, they went anyway regardless of the costs.

The road these soldiers went down took away their inner virginity--innocense never to be regained. The road to war would for ever leave them changed some would never come home but in a FLAG DRAPPED COFFIN. Few would never come home mentally even though their bodies were here they would never be.

Families would see their loved ones as the ones they knew before the war but that was an illusion that would never come back. These soldiers fought for a reason and that was for the very reasons that America stands for. They never asked for anything in return until they come back home.

We see them on the streets of America, in the VA Hospitals, in our work places, and in our homes but we as Americans have just disgarded them like a piece of trash. Their lives have been turned inside out yet we say they are not our problem.

They cry for help at the very place that is to be a refuge for them and that is the VA Hospital, but the very help they seek is lined with read tape and some politians ideas. The government has used the very ones who secured our Freedoms but then require them to jump through hoops.

We fight the poverty in other countries but cant eliminate the read tape so a soldier can get the help they need. The soldier dies and their voices haunt America from decade to decade. We have as Americans thrown salt on old wounds.

To my dear commrade in arms please keep up the cry--for one day we will be heard.