Sunday, December 04, 2005

Conservative talk show hosts and their stupity towards the troops

I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and many other conservative talk show host and it is clear to me that all these guys want to do is run their mouths about things they have no clue about regarding the war in Iraq.

These guys call American Soldiers cowards that speak out against the war after they have served their country honorably and seen the devastation of war first hand such as my self.

I am an Iraqi Veteran and have recently spoken with Jay Shaft in an interview regarding my experience in Iraq. Jay Shaft is a investigative editor for the

He conducted an hour long interview with me which is available in text format and audio as well for all who want to read it. Just e-mail Jay and request the following interview and he will send it to you Iraq Took Away Our innocence.

These commentators don't know what it is like to pick up a weapon and fight an enemy that wants to kill you just because you represent freedom to the rest of the world. These commentators claim to be experts on Iraq and war; however, all they are are mouth pieces for the Bush Administration. I have a really good term for these wacko's on the radio and that is they are called bt me BUSH BOOT LICKERS.

We as Amerikans need to stand up to these wacko's on the radio and challenge them to understand the truth from the soldiers point of view and their families. After all the soldiers are the ones spilling their blood and sacrificing so these idiots on the radio can flap their gums. Rush, Sean, Michael and every other commentator are getting rich off the war as they act on behalf of the Bush Administration.

Those of us soldiers who have fought this war in Iraq come home and wonder way these guys attack us who have sacrificed after we say enough is enough. Bring the Troops home and lets stop the blood shed.

Why don't the Government and these commentators want the Amerikan population to see flag draped coffins or see the damage an IED has caused a soldier? Are they afraid it might cause a serious back lash from the Amerikan population? Are they afraid that bringing tis to light might cause Bush's approval rating to drop even further?

The support for the soldiers should not stop when they get back to the states--if anything the support for the troops should be stronger. Afterall they will have many more issues such as financial, mental, physical, and marital problems. Amerika says they support the soldiers by waving these magnetic ribbons but who has actually took a soldier in and helped them get back on their feet?

My name is Douglas Barber and I served in Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2003 to 2004 with the 1485th Transportation Company out of Dover Ohio. We were stationed at LSA Anaconda in the middle of the Sunni Triangle and every day was a nightmare for us. The insurgents would fire mortar rounds at us and we had know way of knowing where they would land. All we could do was sit and pray they were not coming at us.

A real man would step out from behind his microphone and walk a mile in a soldiers shoes. However all these commentators can do is be arm chair quarter backs and flap their gums.

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